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Speakeasy Co. is a purveyor of craft cocktails, aiming to elevate any drinker’s repertoire through education on spirits, recipes, and techniques steeped in tradition and being invented every day. 

Speakeasy Co. Subscription

Speakeasy Co. offers a craft cocktail subscription. Each month we deliver two craft cocktail recipes with step-by-step directions, instructional videos, all of the ingredients required to mix four drinks at home, and the latest and greatest from the industry. To keep it fresh we continuously partner with top bars, bartenders, and distilleries - we don’t even know what’s coming next! Need tools and or glassware? Don't worry, check out our store or add it to your subscription.

Our Inspiration


Humans are naturally curious creatures with a thirst for mastery. Bartending has been a craft reserved for those who dedicate their careers to it, but Speakeasy Co. is challenging this notion. We began as four friends who enjoyed fancy drinks, but as we started to ask questions, dig, research, and ask more questions, we quickly realized there was so much more than a cocktail sitting in front of us. Whether an industry professional looking to expand your pallet, or a novice as we were, there is always something new to discover. 


I once met a gentleman so bright and motivated, he could have excelled in any profession. Not just excel, but master and be great. At the time I was intrigued to learn why he chose to dedicate his life behind the bar. This man was no bartender though, more of a magician, bringing to life old traditions and dreaming up new ones. Mixing foreign ingredients with funny tools, he concocted an elixir of amazing smells, textures, and tastes, served with an incredible tale of history and culture, worth the price alone. This is a craft cocktail. 


These masters of the craft exist in every city, and Speakeasy Co. is determined to share their wisdom. Why walk into a bar and settle for an overused, common car when you can have the Ferrari? You could order text books, spend hours chatting with your local bartender, or you could sign up for Speakeasy Co. All of the knowledge to become your own bartender, find your favorite spirits, and order better drinks than James Bond is now accessible, delivered right to your doorstep. It's like learning a new language, except you get a buzz:).

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