November 12, 2021

Alcohol Advertising: Why It's Important to Claim Your Domain on Facebook & How to Do it

By Kim Nguyen
Director of Marketing, Speakeasy Co

Domain verification on Facebook simply means that a business owner is staking their claim on the brand’s domain for use on Facebook. If your brand advertises on Facebook and Instagram, claiming your domain is extremely important for the success of your campaigns; With the changes being implemented to Facebook Business Manager due to Apple iOS14's recent privacy policy updates, anyone who advertises on Facebook needs to verify their domain.

One of the major adjustments coming with the updated privacy rules is the number of events that can be optimized and tracked per domain. If you haven’t verified that domain, you will not be able to select those optimization events for your brand. Without a verified domain, there could be potential data tracking disruptions for your campaigns.

Before we dive into the steps to claim your domain, make sure that you have the following also set up as a baseline for your brand:

Steps to Claim Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager