August 30, 2022

Seasonal Bundles for Spirit Brands & How to Market Them

OND (October, November, December) Bundles & How to Market Them

By Gabi Degen-Nosek - Paid Media Specialist at Speakeasy Co.

With 2022 in cruise control, it can be easy to forget that preparation for the holidays starts now. Differentiating yourself as a brand during the holidays can be difficult, especially when there are so many gifting options available to the public. We have removed some of that stress by breaking down what sorts of bundles, gift sets, and add-ons your spirit brand can capitalize on this season and how to market them effectively.

With OND around the corner, a brand should start leveraging terms that create urgency for the end consumer, such as: "limited edition," "limited time only," "exclusive holiday season," and "luxury gift sets".

Using these terms, not only are you conveying that your brand is offering the ultimate gift, but also that consumers need to act fast. The struggle of finding the ideal holiday gift, housewarming gift, or “hostesses with the mostess” gift is over with these bundle and pairing ideas:

Distilled Spirit Bundles:

Beer & Wine Bundles:

The more, the merrier this holiday season because adding additional merchandise can also drop the shipping costs. Your brand can also consider perks such as discounted shipping or percentage off orders, using verbiage such as "limited time only complimentary shipping," "$5 shipping", or "10-20% off this month only".

Before and during the holidays, the need for a robust digital marketing presence is crucial; online holiday shopping begins in early October, and in 2021; 51% of Americans did only online shopping for gifts. Think about starting organic social media promotions featuring seasonal creative towards the end of September or early October.

It’s critical to lock in your promotions and new product offerings early to allow yourself enough time for product acquisition, creative asset production, and copy iteration for the holidays. Once you have the road map of your OND season strategy, you can breathe free and enjoy the holiday season the way it should be: with family, friends, loved ones, and of course, a premium distilled spirit for sharing.