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The Last Word


¾ oz. Lime Juice

¾ oz. Green Chartreuse

¾ oz. Luxardo

¾ oz. Gin

Lime or Maraschino Cherry

Glassware and Tools


Boston Shaker Tin

Mixing Glass

Hawthorne Strainer

Coupe Glass


1. In a mixing glass add:

- ¾ oz of Gin
- ¾ oz of Green Chartreuse
- ¾ oz of Luxardo
- ¾ oz of Lime Juice

2. Take you Boston Shaker tin and place it upside down on your mixing glass and give a firm tap (Checking to make sure it is sealed). 

3. Proceed to shake for 10-15 Seconds and "break" your tin apart by applying a firm tap to the tin where there is a small amount a separation between the glass and the tin.

4. Using your Hawthorne Strainer, strain the contents into your coupe glass.

5. Garnish with either a lime wedge or a Luxardo Maraschino Cherry dropped in the bottom of the glass.

6. Enjoy!