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Toronto Cocktail


1 ½ oz. American Rye Whiskey

½ oz. Fernet Branca

¼ oz. Envy Apple Syrup

Lemon Peel

Glassware and Tools

Mixing Glass

Hawthorn Strainer

Bar Spoon


Coupe Glass (Chilled)


1. Fill your coupe glass with ice in order to chill the glass.

2. Using the jigger, measure the following and pour into the mixing glass:

- ¼ oz. Envy apple syrup
- ½ oz. Fernet Branca
- 1 ½ oz. American Rye Whiskey

3. Add ice to the mixing glass, and using the bar spoon, stir for approximately 30 seconds trying to keep the back part of the spoon against the glass the entire time so as not to “beat” the ice.

4. Remove the ice from the coupe glass, and using the Hawthorne strainer, strain the contents of the mixing glass into the Coupe Glass.

5. Carefully peel a piece of lemon about 2-3 inches long. With the outside of the peel facing the drink, mist over the top of the coupe glass by squeezing the peel. Drop the peel into your coupe glass after misting.

6. Enjoy!

From Toronto? Or not from Toronto? That is the question.

The origins of this cocktail vary depending on the source. The majority of cocktail books state that this is not a Canadian cocktail at all, but instead a twist on a Manhattan that Canadian’s would often enjoy when visiting the US. However, some have traced the history back to Toronto itself, and claim it can be made with either Canadian or Rye Whiskey (although recommended to use Rye as in your box). The combination of Fernet Branca and the Envy apple syrup provide a sweet, yet tart profile to balance the whiskey. While there may never be a definitive answer to the origins of this classic, whether a Canadian or American, you’ll see why it’s worth traveling for!