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Dawa Cocktail


2 oz. Vodka

1 Lime Wedge


Sugar Packet

Glassware and Tools



Rocks glass


Wooden Stir Stick


1. Cut a lime wedge, about a quarter of the lime, and drop it into the rocks glass.

2. Pour the entire sugar packet on top of the lime wedge.

3. Muddle the sugar and lime together in the rocks glass, providing enough force to release the lime juices, but no need to “Hulk” it.

4. Fill the rocks glass with crushed ice (a baggy and muddler make a great manual crushed ice machine).

5. Using the jigger, measure 2 oz. of vodka and pour into the rocks glass.

6. Dip the wooden stir stick into the honey packet and twirl it, wrapping the honey around the stir stick.

7. Stir the cocktail with the honey coated stir stick, releasing the sweetener. The more honey, the sweeter the cocktail.

8. Enjoy!

A back yard Safari and a drink….that’s how you end the week!

The Dawa Cocktail comes to us this month all the way from Kenya. After a long day in the savanna, travelers will pull up to one of the many Safari Lodges and enjoy this ever refreshing and “cure all” beverage. Dawa, meaning “medicine” or “magic”, places this cocktail at the top of the list for your medicine cabinet. The legend goes that this cocktail is a cure all for everything, from a rough day on the trail, all the way to any malady that is bothering the cocktail enthusiast. Our variation comes with its own stirring stick, but the traditional variation comes with a Dawa stick, usually a finely carved stick that is used to control the cocktails honey accent with just a few stirs. This cocktail has a cousin in the form of the Caipirinha, see if you can taste the similarities between the two!