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Sweet Lime Drop


2 oz. Bella Mar Sweet Lime Vodka

2 oz. Meyer Lemon Juice

2 oz. Triple Sec 

Cubed Ice

Glassware and Tools



Mixing Glass

Martini Glass


1. Using the jigger, measure the following and add into the mixing glass: 

- 2 oz. Meyer lemon juice
- 2 oz. Triple Sec
- 2 oz. Bella Mar Sweet Lime Vodka

2. Fill both the martini glass and the mixing glass with ice.

3. Place the shaker on top of the mixing glass and give it a firm tap (remember to test the seal).

4. Cool and dilute the cocktail by shaking vigorously for 10-15 seconds, allowing the mixture to go from one end of the shaker to the other.

5. Separate the mixing glass by applying a firm tap where the glass and shaker are no longer flush.

6. Use the Hawthorne strainer to strain the contents of the mixing glass into the martini glass.

7. Enjoy!