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The Freshie


1 ½ oz. Reposado Tequila

¾ oz. Lime Juice

¾ oz. Simple Syrup

1 Kiwi


Black Pepper (optional)

Glassware and Tools

Rocks Glass

Mixing Glass


Hawthorne Strainer




Peeler (optional)

Fine Strainer (optional)


1. Cut the kiwi in half and scoop out the "meat" of the fruit, place both halves in the mixing glass.

2. Slice 5 ¼ inch pieces of cucumber, and add them to the mixing glass with the kiwi.

3. Muddle ingredients by applying moderate pressure using a twisting motion for about 10 seconds.

4. Using the jigger, measure the following and pour into the mixing glass:

-¾ oz. lime juice
-¾ oz. simple syrup
-1 ½ oz. Reposado tequila

5. Add ice to the mixing glass and place the shaker on top with a firm tap. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds, allowing the mixture to go from one end of the shaker to the other.

6. Add ice to your rocks glass, separate the mixing glass and put the Hawthorne strainer on top of the glass, and strain the cocktail through the fine strainer (if available) into the rocks glass.

7. As garnish, add several dashes of pepper and peel a two-inch long strip of skin from the cucumber. Hold each end of the strip and twist until you can only see the greenest part of the cucumber. Gently place the twisted cucumber on top of the cocktail.

8. Enjoy!


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