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1 ½ oz. Sagatiba White Cachaça

¾ oz. Lime Juice

¾ oz. Simple Syrup

Lime Wedge

Glassware and Tools

Rocks Glass

Hawthorne Strainer



Mixing Glass


1. Using the jigger, measure the following and pour into the mixing glass:

-¾ oz. Lime Juice
-¾ oz. Simple Syrup
-1 ½ oz. Sagatiba White Cachaça

2. Add ice to the mixing glass and place the shaker on top with a firm tap. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds, allowing the mixture to go from one end of the shaker to the other.

3. Separate the mixing glass by applying a firm tap where the glass and shaker are no longer flush.

4. Add ice to the rocks glass and use the Hawthorne strainer to strain the contents of the mixing glass into the rocks glass.

5. Garnish with a lime wedge dropped into the drink.

6. Enjoy!


Just in time for the Olympics, we bring you the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail! “Travel” to South America without leaving your home by drinking and celebrating the host country’s culture.

Described by some as the mojito’s Brazilian cousin, this drink is refreshing while maintaining a perfect balance of citrus and sweet. The spirit in the cocktail, cachaça (pronounced ka-SHAH-sah), shares its origins in sugarcane with rum, but is processed differently. Cachaça by definition, must be produced in Brazil, like Bourbon in the U.S. It is also distilled with fresh-pressed, unprocessed cane juice, while rum can be made anywhere and is typically made from molasses. This difference gives cachaça a unique clean, grassy, and earthy finish.

No matter what team you're cheering for this summer, do so with a drink in hand!