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Pelican Punch


1 ½ oz. Pelican Harbor Light Rum

1 oz. Kiwi Watermelon Water

¾ oz. Lime Juice

¾ oz. Ginger Syrup

Club Soda

Glassware and Tools

Collins Glass

Hawthorne Strainer



Mixing Glass


1. Using the Jigger, measure the following and pour into the mixing glass:

-¾ oz. Lime Juice
-¾ oz. Ginger Syrup
-1 ½ oz. Pelican Harbor Light Rum

2. Add ice to the mixing glass and place the shaker on top with a firm tap. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds, allowing the mixture to go from one end of the shaker to the other.

3. Separate the mixing glass by applying a firm tap where the glass and shaker are no longer flush.

4. Add ice to the Collins glass and use the Hawthorne strainer to strain the contents of the mixing glass into the Collins Glass.

5. Top off with half Kiwi Watermelon Water and half Club Soda

6. Enjoy!

About Pelican Harbor Rum

Inspired by lazy days, sandy beaches, and endless sunsets, Pelican Harbor is crafted to reveal the free spirit in us all. From its crystalized sugar cane beginnings in the Caribbean, they crafted a rum that has a rich caramel-vanilla aroma and smooth island flavor by blending in rums from the US Virgin Islands with barrel-aged rums from Martinique, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica.

Pelican Harbor is great blended or on the rocks. We hope you enjoy this rum from their family to yours. They boast it’s “arguably one of the best rums on the market” :).