Olamendi's Ultra Premium Organic Ultra Anejo 9 Year

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Olamendi's Ultra Premium Ultra Anejo 9 year Organic Tequila.jpg

Olamendi's Ultra Premium Organic Ultra Anejo 9 Year


Introducing the World’s Best Tequila: Olamendi’s Ultra-Premium Organic Tequila. 

Our Organic Tequila and Tequila cocktails have won top prize in the prestigious Best Cocktail in America contest by Restaurant and Hospitality Magazine for three years in a row 2014, 2015 & 2016!

Our Organic Tequila is world’s best because of our Tequila Purity.  We make our Tequila from the finest species of Agave, 100% Organic Blue Weber Agave (completely free from all herbicides and pesticides for the entire 10 years it takes for the Agave to mature before being used for production), we age our Tequila in French White Oak barrels and we distill our Tequila many times over to remove as many impurities as possible which give it a uniquely distinct smoothness, purity and cleanliness in taste and aroma. 

We have three different types of Ultra-Premium Organic Tequilas: Silver-Plata, aged for three months;  Añejo Superior aged for five years;  Ultra Añejo, aged for 9 years. 

Olamendi’s Tequila’s is the only Tequila on the market that is aged this long and that is 100% Organic.  We say we’re the best, we’ve won Best in America Cocktail contests for three years running, nothing matches the purity and smoothness of our Tequila and nothing even comes close.  If you’ve been searching for a top shelf and Best in class Tequila, you’ve found it in Olamendi’s Ultra Premium Organic Tequila.  Life is too short to drink cheapo Tequila, so do live it up and do serve yourself the very Best.  Serve yourself Olamendi’s Ultra-Premium Organic Tequila.  Salud my friends!

Please click on the link below to see a video on how to make our California Mule cocktail, voted 2016 Best Tequila Cocktail in America!


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