No introduction needed.
The world's first glow in the dark vodka.

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U4Rik Glow Vodka
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About U4Rik

The foundation of our Brand is that we've applied better science to the entire distilling process, including fermentation, filtration and distillation, and our unique and proprietary process leads to superior products. The quality of our products becomes apparent beginning with their aroma, includes their taste and minimal burn and maybe most importantly, from the way U4Rik drinkers feel when they imbibe. You've already experienced the first two sensations, and I can assure you that on the third point, we get incredible feedback from both our consumers and the venues that serve U4Rik.

With respect to U4Rik Tequila, you should know that we are a true "Ground to Glass" company, as we cultivate our own agave on 2,000 acres in Los Altos, in a town called Arandas which is at an elevation of 7,000 feet.  The virgin volcanic soil on our plantation is rich in nutrients and allows to let our pinas mature for 8 to 10 years.  The plants we are pulling now were planted mostly in 2007 and average 60 kilos with very high sugar content.  Moreover, our farming operation is sustainable, with no pesticides, fertilizer or irrigation.  Our outstanding base material, combined with our unique process is what makes U4RIk Tequila so good.